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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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jesse: two ts. dan: that's all for tonight. "justice with judge jeanine" is up next. [♪] judge jeanine: happy new year and welcome to the first year of "justice" this year 2021. i'm judge jeanine pirro. we have a packed show, but first my opening. it may be a new year, but i'm not so sure much has changed from 48 hours ago. the left's hypocrisy continues to know no bounds. january 6 when the electoral college vote will be formally counted is just a few days away. how much do you even know about january 6 and the congressional mechanism in place?
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the mainstream media doesn't talk about it. they prefer the joe biden presidency be considered a don deal. move on you truth deniers. we are being told it is futile, disruptive, an exercise in lunacy to even question that joe biden is a legitimately elected president of the united states. almost laughable given the left's refusal to accept donald trump as legitimately elected, inafter their russian collusion fizzled. and hillary clinton is still moaning to anyone who will listen that she was robbed in 016. but let's analyze the significance of this day. this wednesday at 1:00 in washington, d.c. there will be a by camera meeting of the new
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congress. they will meet in this highly unusual joint session to counted the electoral votes from the presidential race. vice president mike pence will chair the roll call on the electoral college certification process. the process begins with a call state by state. if there is a challenge by any house member and any senator claiming anything was wrong in the way the collectors were counted, the session is immediately halted. the house and the senate then go to their separate chambers and debate for two hours after which they return and vote. both comaim berls must aggrieve to remove electors from that particular state in order to sustain the election. the power to invalidate electors rests solely in this joint session. if by chance there is agreement
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on the biden electoral count and it's reduced found 270. then the house votes for president. the house votes by state. there are 30 republican states and 20 democrats. this is nothing new. it's been the law since the 1880s. but to hear the democrats you would think the process is made up, unconstitutional, illegal and an unethical plot. the only thing that's new is the venom used to attack anyone who us using this procedure in the manner in which it is intended. senator josh hawfly says he will object to specific states failing to follow their own election laws.
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>> this is my opportunity to and up and say something. to stands up and saint out there were irregularities in this election and there was fraud. judge jeanine: hawley is in his right to do so despite the democrats claiming the republicans are the disrupters. the democrats in 1969, 2001, 2005, and -- and 2017 who challenged the electors. california senator barbara boxer objected to and delayed ratification in 2017. then the democrats, the ones we all know and love, starting with hypocrite on high, nancy pelosi. she defended boxer's objection. take a listen. >> today we are witnessing democracy at work.
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this isn't as some of our republican colleagues have referred to it sadly as frivolous. this debate is fundamental to our democracy. judge jeanine: maxine waters charged the o'election was stolen, saying quote i'm ashamed to say an african-american man failed to pursue voter intimidation. jerry nadler, the bozo, the one who says antifa is a myth said in 2005 part of his objection to the electors was quote the right to vote has been stolen from qualified voters. yet we are the crazy ones. we are the truth deniers and disrupters. separate from josh hawley's objection, hours ago, a
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different group of gop senators led by texas senator ted cruz indicated shell object to the electoral certification and demand an emergency audit. he's joined by senator ron johnson, james stlain yaims sla, marsha blackburn, mike braun, and others. they believe there were unprecedented allegations of voter fraud. josh hawfly. you know the states where laws were changed by a partisan state supreme court and judge and secretary of state. it matters not what side of the aisle you fit. there are certain things we as
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americans all believe. elections must be free of corruption. even if there is a pandemic. no one has a right to intimidate us, shut us down, marginalize us or threaten us as we fight for issues, both constitution and laws of congress have actually permitted. it was on new year's eve, on the frozen banks of the delaware river 245 years ago that general george washington's soldiers were freezing cold, they were hungry. they faced almost certain defeat and were no longer interested in fighting. they had one more day of their commission before they could go home. they weren't interested in fighting. they weren't even interested in the pay washington offered them. but washington dismounted his white horse and looked them in the eye and talked about their moment in history and fighting
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for freedom and justice. with 3% of the population fighting for independence against tyranny, domination and control, these hungry, tired, cold, defeated soldiers knew of it was their home to stand up and fight for freedom. the many, january 6 was such a moment. it cannot be denied that bellwethers were upset and the irregularities were beyond minimal. and we are all being told to shut up and move on. january 6 will tell us whether there are any in congress willing to battle for the america that those soldiers fought for, the one that you and i believe in. and that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter,
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#judgejeanine. here with reaction to my open, one of the senators pledging to fight on january 5, oklahoma senator james lankford. >> you did a great job, very articulate. you walked through a complicated process to lay out what we have coming in the next couple days. judge jeanine: i believe the mainstream media has not talked about this because they don't want mayor to to understand. but my hat's off to you. you and senator cruz and other senators made a decision that you are looking to have an election commission count. what do you plan to do? >> we asked a simple question. can we put together an electoral
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commission, 5 house members, 5 senators and five supreme court justices. an election commission was set up in 1886. there are millions and millions of americans that think there are major issues with the election. the best way to be able to do that is get all the facts out. what happened is a lot of the courts took on some of these things early on. the states certified it. more facts are still coming out. we think it's a great way to get all the facts out. give it back to the states before inauguration day and allow them to make a decision on that. jean rs -- judge jeanine: you say before inauguration day which is january 0. >> it would be done before the
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20th. we call it a 10-day audit. this group of 15 is not deciding the election. they are gathering the information and challenging everything out there. everything from sharpies in arizona and suitcases of ballots in georgia to individuals that were dead or moved or from out of state that voted. all those things demand to us take a look at. we have to take it seriously about this moment because there are so many areas out there. some are rumored. some are facts. but we have to determine is this election settled. we are demanding we have a good, hard serious professional look at this. the states actually pick the president through the electoral college. we are not trying to take that over. we are doing our constitutional duty in laying this out and saying state if you want to
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reevaluate, you can choose to do that. but the states have to make that decision. the oversight of this process, we have to make sure it was done correctly. the states make the decision. judge jeanine: what you are saying is the certification process of the electors would be delayed 10 days when this special commission or group of 15 do an assessment of the anomalies and all the things we have been hearing about. what do you say to pat toomey who says this is disenfranchising people. and people say the courts ruled this is as done deal. >> this is not the first time that we have had challenges during this time period. 1969. 33 senators republican and democrat challenges a state
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elector in north carolina on it. we lad it in 2005, a challenge in ohio. this is the nature of our system to british yous up, challenge it and bring it to light. we want the facts to come out. we want to make sure every legal vote is counted, and votes that are not legal are not counted. it goes wherever the american people close. we think the facts need to come out. long term no matter what happens, we have to fix some major issues in our election process to make sure we are protecting the integrity of our election. this is the beginning of that fight. >> senator james lankford, thank you for being on "justice" and thank you for taking a stand. here to continue this critical conversation on this new year's
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weekend. house minority leader kevin mccarthy joins me now. the audit that you just heard senator lankford talk about is different from the certification of the electors scheduled for january 6. if senator lankford and the other senators are successful in getting this commission and the audit and there is a delay for 10 days, does that mean that the certification of january 6 is then delayed until just before the inauguration on january 20? >> i'm just reading the letter. but that's how i would understand it. if you want to unite this nation, you start with having integrity in your election. there are questions out there. you just played a tape of nancy pelosi in 2005. that could be played today with the exact same word. there are questions out there.
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what was wrong with an audit. what's wrong with bringing the information back so people have all the information to make those decisions. it would be one way to unite the nation and make sure if there are problems with these elections that they are corrected and we do not go further and continue the mistakes that have been made. judge jeanine: i don't think anyone would deny the fact that this an -- that this pandemic created special circumstances in this election. senator lankford made it clear it's a review of the facts, and the house, the by camera sweation january sessionwould b. who wants to object, and if enough object, then those state's electors don't get
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counted in the final vote. what do you think the chances are of this succeeding? >> i think you will have a debate. you will have a member in congress and the senate to object. they don't have to be from that state. but there are a number of states that have come into question. this is the place we have debates. it's healthy. you raised a good point in your open. this is not something that's unusual. this is something that happened by the democrats with the last three republican presidents. the sitting whip voted to remove electors. the former congressman john lewis voted to remove the ohio electors. judge jeanine: it will be very interesting to find out what happens. but since i have you.
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there i so much going on. tomorrow is the first day of the 117th congress. and it's the first order of business i understand it to choose the speaker of the house. with covid and everything else going on, there is no proxy vote. you have to actually be in congress to vote on speaker. being the new congress doesn't have as many seats as it did, how does it look? could you be speaker? >> they only have a five-feet majority. but there are 10 democrats that did not vote for nancy pelosi last time. if they vote against nancy pelosi this time we could have a new speaker. nancy pelosi is so scared about this, she is actually calling a member back who just announced they had covid. why would that person be coming
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back? because she is so scared about this vote. the rules of the house. this is where the american rub has to look at what they are doing. they are trying to take the power away from any minority. the last 100 years the minority was always aloud one amendment on the bill. they are now denying that voice. what is even more telling is they are trying to limit our first amendment right. they have ethics complaints about what we say on social media. what's even worse, you no longer can say father, mother, son, daughter. they are in essence eliminating mother's day. they are more concerned about pronouns than helping people. this is literally in the rules for congress going forward. judge jeanine: it's amazing, but i'm not surprised. the first amendment doesn't hold the significance it did for
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hundreds of years. i want to get to this very quickly. you are from california. gavin newsom. they have 4/of the numbers they need for a special -- they have 3/4 of the number they need to a special recall. they take money away are firemen and give stimulus money to illegals. what do you think the chances are of that succeeding. >> it's mainly the hypocrisy of governor governor gavin newsom. he ry -- he prioritizes prisones over people.
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prisoners were getting the unemployment checks. that was the state's management. judge jeanine: what a mess. >> democrats are signing this recall petition. i believe it will qualify and it will be a wake-up call for every mayor and governor across the country who thinks they can take our freedom away. congressman kevin mccarthy, thank you very much. everything is all eyes on the georgia election. lara trump weighs innnnn
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judge jeanine: president trump set to hold a big rally in georgia, monday. a lot to talk about with my next guest. trump 2020 senior advisor, lara trump joins me now. i want to start with the whole idea of what just broke this afternoon, that is at least 11 senators in addition to josh
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hawley who has certain concerns about the certification of the electors on january 6. but a more generic call based on the appearance of fraud and 39% of americans believing there was fraud in this election. calling for an election commission audit. they don't have any power other than to have five members of the house, five members of the senate, and i think they said the supreme court also to actually review for 10 days the irregularities. what do you think of that? >> i think it's fantastic. if there is ever a year that we need to get this right, it's right now. there was unprecedented fraud. we have thousands of signed affidavits of people that experienced fraud, saw it happen. i think if you don't get this
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one right, the american people lose trust in our system. once that happens our constitutional republic starts to slip away. 74 million plus americans came out and voted for president trump. he broke records with that number. they want to know that their vote counted. every american, whether you voted for donald trump or not should want to get this one right. we have to know that our elections are only counting legal votes. we should have a commission to review some of this. we have had to try to expose so much fraud in such a short amount of time. let's dig inthe to it, get it right, and get the proper result of this election. >> the interesting thing is, it's not just 39% of americans, it's not just republicans or independents, it's democrats as well. and everything changed under the
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ruse of the pandemic. when all these laws were changed in different ways in different states with different people calling the shots, you would think everyone would want to want to recognize we need regular laishtd in identifying whether there is a problem so as senator lankford said we can identify and change in the future. what i'm not sure if any audit or action could overturn the election, then we have to go back to the congress to have them vote on the electors again. that would happen before january 20. >> we'll see. we found ourselves in very unprecedented territory in this election. the covid pandemic was politicized in he way possible
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and used to benefit the democrats. it was used to benefit joe biden. we have been talking every single day leading up to november 3 that the universal vote by mail system was going to be a disaster and would lead us to a situation where we are right now. who knows how this will play out and how this happened. we had situations in our past. we know in the 1876 election they had to change some laws going forward because that was messy as well. we want transparency for the american people and want to know our election system works. judge jeanine: i would think democrats would support that. lahr a, thank you for being with us. coming up. outrage over one state's vaccine rollout and who is being prioritized.
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judge jeanine: operation warp speed ison historic. the trump administration worked tirelessly to make it happen.
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now the vaccines are in the hands of the state and not doing so well in some. peter, i wanted to thank you for all the work you did during all those months when you talked about operation warp speed. and everyone you brought together. everyone made fun of it, everyone said it wouldn't happen, and the president got it to happen. but in any event, now that it's out. you have got people in various states who are so inept, and incompetent, that even in new york state, where bozo deblasio the mayor says he will have a million of the vaccines out in no time. they only distributed 25% of the vaccine that should have been
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distributed at this point. governor cuomo said they will give vaccinations to people in drug rehab before they give them to senior citizens. can you in the government have anything to say about this? >> february 9 the president directed me to write a memo to the task force. it said if we get moving right now, we could have a vaccine by the end of november. the president did that. one of his greatest achievements. what we are struggling with now is a supply chain problem. i'm not a big fan of pfizer. we had trouble with pfizer during this whole thing. we gave them a bunch of money. what they are doing is going all over the world making a buck. i think they overstretched them. you are absolutely right, the
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cuomo-deblasio show is deja vu for me. i remember them whining about ventilators, getting their fair share. we got them and they screwed it up. it is what it is. and it's cuomo time again, and that's not a good time for america. judge jeanine: he's busy writing his books on leadership and accepting emmy awards. he directed covid patients to be brought back to nursing homes and blamed the federal government for it. >> they don't let him near nursing homes anymore. judge jeanine: no should they. you talked about the art of the steal. now there is a commission, an effort of 10-12 senators to start a commission to review and audit what happened in this last election.
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in addition to that there is a certification process. all this has to happen before january 20. do you have any hopes it will succeed? >> today as part of a six-person team we did a zoom meeting with hundreds of state legislatures across the battle ground, arizona, michigan, nevada, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. these legislators are hot, they are angry. they want action. giuliani was there, we gave them the receipts. we explained how the democrat party as a matter of strategy stole this election from donald j. trump. monday i'm coming out with a new report called the art of the steal, the online twitter feed that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt this election was stolen. the democrats used a lot of legal means to get to an illegal
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end. it's a game from the beginning, and it's tragedy. one thing we shouldn't be strategic seal gaming is the foundation of this republic. they stole this and we can prove it. so other things, breaking news. i would not be surprised to see a special counsel on this. vice president pence has the authority to give that 10-day window to do what needs to get done. i can't imagine when he looks at the facts he won't vote the right way on that. judge jeanine: the 10-day window is something that they can change the date. the first january 20 cannot be changed, that constitutional. >> it can be changed. we can go past that date. we can go past that date. if we need to. and we have got to get this right, as lara trump said. we need to take it back for the
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people. judge jeanine: peter navarro, thank you for being with us. happy new year. congressman doug collins on how these elections will impact america's future.
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judge jeanine: good evening and happy new year. what's the deal with ossoff and the communist party? >> he got caught. his relationships and the money he received he didn't disclose at first. then he had to refile to show the money that came in.
12:44 am
jon ossoff is an empty shell. he's a trust fund socialist. he took advantage of the ppp program. he made some film documentaries and ran for public office. that's all jon ossoff has done compared to somebody like david:perdue who has fought for donald trump for the last six years. judge jeanine: he didn't include that in his financial disclosure. but they did the same thing with swalwell. but in the meantime, to try to get people to cop out and vote. is that the issue right now on who comes out to vote? how do you get them to cop out? >> we have got to. peter just spoke about the election. i'll be more involved. we are getting things done to
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make sure if the future this doesn't happen. but the people of georgia who are controlling the future of america have to show up and vote. conservative trump voters and people with any hope of keeping this country conservative in the senate, next tuesday is the last time. they have to start at 7:00 a.m. and go all the way to 7:00 p.m. this is the hinging point of everything we fought for could go up in flames if we don't get the republican turnout to keep the senate out of chuck schumer's hands. judge jeanine: warnock has domestic violence issues, i understand. am i wrong about that? >> no. there was a video with that. his wife said he's a pretty good actor. the truth of the matter comes out. he says you can't serve god and
12:46 am
the military. he says he's a pro-choice pastor. i don't know how you can be someone who is actually for aborting babies and be a pastor. this is something georgians have to wake up to. perdue and kelly loeffler will help us keep control in the senate. judge jeanine: for those who who say we don't believe the presidential elect was on the level. how do you make them comfortable. and say this is different. we have eyes on everything. and convince them that their vote will matter. >> we have been working on this. making sure we have over 8,000 poll workers. here is the bottom line. i felt like this election has so many areas we are fighting for. but staying home does not help
12:47 am
fight that fight. if you want to help a socialist, don't vote. if you want to help president trump and help keep the republicans in control of the senate, then you have got to show up and vote. it's as easy as that. you have got to show up, conservatives, and actually vote. >> as chuck schumer said, they want to change america. this has to do with everyone in the country. people in georgia understand we are counting on them to go out and vote. congressman doug collins, thanks for being with us this evening. just ahead. a highly contagious strain of the coronavirus is now in the united states. dr. siegel is standing by with what you need to know to keep your family safe. back in a moment.
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thought he *. judge jeanine: the battle against covid continues even as the vaccine rollout is under way. now a new more contagious strain has been found here in the u.s. fox news medical contributor, dr. marc siegel joins me now with the latest. talk to us about this latest strain. what is it and how is it going to affect people? >> it's called b117. we are concerned that it spread in london pretty fast. we found some isolated cases in the united states. but we only looked je nettically
12:53 am
at -- genetically at 50,000 cases. there is no sign whatsoever that it gets you sicker, and it's almost definitely the case the vaccine covers it. viruses mutate all the time. this is not unusual. this is what happens over the course of the pandemic. the virus tries to get a survival advantage. judge jeanine: so it's not more deadly, but it's more contagious. >> correct. that's why we are keeping a close eye on it. we don't want it to spread out and make the numbers higher than they are. judge jeanine: a lot of people are very concerned. the president is saying he got the vaccine. got it approved. it's out there. now states are using the
12:54 am
incredibly ridiculous standard, depending on what state you are in. who should be getting the vaccine first? >> it's almost unbelievable what's happening. look to israel. 40% of the population getting the vaccination over the able of 65. 15 million doses have been sent around. but only million people have gotten it. christmas day more jet planes landed in new york city at jfk than got the vaccine. plenty of places they have been closed on weekend. it's up to the states to get the doses into the people's arms. in january the pharmacies will start getting involved. 40,000 locations of cvs, walgreens and costco.
12:55 am
judge jeanine: dr. siegel. we always love having you on "justice." let's just hope some of these states start getting it right. the seniors deserve it first, the vulnerable deserve it first. not people in drug rehab like in new york. >> exactly. how about the nursing homes in new york. exactly. happy new year.
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judge jeanine: finally tonight if you didn't get my new book don't lie to me for christmas you can order. lie to me right now on amazon or a judge to thanks for watching. we hope you have a wonderful healthy 2020s one.
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i'm jeannine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way. justice has been served. i will see you next saturday night. greg gutfeld is next. greg: i know what you are thinking. is this a new show because isn't that what gregoire on new year's eve? yes, it is. i'm just too lazy. i didn't want to change my clothes. we finally turned the page on the brutal year that was 2020. like me you might still be hung over but tonight we look ahead to 2021. stories, people and events that could have a huge impact in the months ahead. personally i'm hoping this year could be as good as 1989. you had the fall of the berlin wall, the debut o


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